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Fuga żywiczna BrukBet Prestige


One-component, ready-to-use Bruk-Bet mortar: for grouting terrace tiles, paving stones, natural stone slabs, and clay block paving (externally). Especially recommended for terraces, garden paths and home walkways.
- clean paving stones without loose sand.
- effect of "cement stains" does not appear
- grout resistant to frost and salt.
- grouts do not overgrow with grass and weeds and are resistant to upheaval and blowing.
- time saving - quick grouting.

Grout is ready to use, bonding under the influence of oxygen from the air. Grouting with the mudding method. No need for manual compaction, self-compacting mortar. Opportunity to work in light rain. High crush resistance. For filling narrow grouts from 3 mm. Water-permeable.
Base surface/subbase: the base surface must be stable and permanently water-permeable! BRUK-BET Grout is a mortar that fills grouts. It does not take over loads resulting from ground settlement and other ground or surface movements, especially with loosely embedded paving stones. BRUK-BET Grout should only be used in water-permeable base surface systems.
Basic assumptions: Minimum width of the grout - 3 mm. Depth of grout - 300 mm. Maximum width of the grout - 20 mm. With a grout width higher than 15 mm, its depth should be twice as wide as the width. Base surface and air temperature - from 5ºC to 30ºC.
Equipment: knife, rubber squeegee, soft broom (e.g. made of coconut fibres), rubber hose, spray tip. Surface preparation: the surface should be cleaned of all dirt such as dust, sand, concrete residues, paint, moss, grass, etc.
Grouting: the working time of the mortar is about 45 minutes at 20ºC. Pre-wet the grouted surface with water. Keep in a damp condition during work. Then cut the sack with the vacuum-packed mortar, which is placed in a bucket. Spread the material on the surface of the paving stones in portions in the amount necessary to grout about 4-5 m2. Apply the mortar to the grouts with a rubber squeegee, using a water jet (mudding). It is necessary to add water properly in order not to rinse the mortar. Residual mortar remaining on the surface should be cleaned with a soft coconut-bristled broom, which should be constantly rinsed in water. Slight movement of the broom diagonally to the direction of the grout smoothes its surface.
Test surface: when surfaces are made of natural stone and concrete, the appearance of the surface may change (darkening and spotting). It is recommended to test on materials that have not been tested so far. A thin, gloss resin film may remain on the surface of some materials. It will disappear automatically after a few months due to atmospheric conditions.
Hardening: all data refer to air temperature of 20ºC and relative air humidity of 65% 9 higher temperatures accelerate hardening, lower increase hardening time). Do not walk on the surface for at least 24 hours after handling,
Important: protect the surface for 24 hours against heavy rain and/or running water. Final entry into service should take place after 7 days.
Wear: the given material consumption results from our experience and concerns paving stones made of natural stone, cut from all sides, arranged in rows. There may be deviations in terms of wear due to the shape of paving stones and different patterns of their laying. When in doubt, prepare a test surface. The specified wear applies to a grout's depth of 30 mm.

Size of the paving stone in mm, consumption in kg/m2
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Technical data: Density: 1.7 g /cm3
Tensile strength while crushing: ca. 8.0 N/mm2
Crush resistance: ca. 16,0 N/mm2
Water permeability: at 20% of the grout, about 12l/m2/min.
Storage time: 15 months in a facility which is cool, dry and not exposed to frost.
Packaging: 25 kg plastic bucket (vacuum-packed mortar in a plastic bag inside).

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