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Bruk-Bet is the owner of Termalica Bruk-Bet S.A. football club. From the beginning of our business
activity, we have supported the local club that participated in the second regional level games.
Since then, the Nieciecza team has been recorded as the most dynamically developing football
club in terms of both sport and organization, achieving better and better results each year.
After successive promotions to higher divisions, in 2009, the club from Nieciecza debuted at the
central level of games by playing in the eastern group of the II Liga. The season 2009/2010 also
proved to be critical - the Bruk-Bet Nieciecza team secured a promotion to the I Liga two matches
before the end of the season.
The Management Board of the club pays great attention to the development of young people.
Five youth teams operate in the club, in age categories from colts to older juniors. Every day, over
100 young players exercise in those teams. In addition, a reserve Termalica Bruk-Bet team mainly
composed of junior players takes part in the second regional level matches.
The beginning of football in Nieciecza is dated since 1922 when young men returning from
various fronts of World War I as well as those who did not participate in the war started to play
football. The first group that founded the team included Stanisław Nowak, Władysław Kaczówka
and Kazimierz Wrzos. It is noteworthy that at that time, the Nieciecza football team was the first
one in the region and even the team it often competed with - namely the team from Żabno - was
founded later. The team had no uniform clothes; each player had his own shorts, an ordinary
T-shirt and shoes being a far cry from the contemporary football footwear.
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