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The name Bruk-Bet
is unambiguously associated with a wide range of
paving stones and innovative terrace slabs. However, the remarkable
strength of the company is also built by other three brands: Termalica
Bruk-Bet Solar
and Georyt
, which are Polish market leaders in their
industries. The Termalica system of construction using autoclaved cellular
concrete is a comprehensive solution for the construction of both
single and multi-layer external and internal walls of buildings, especially
recommended in energy efficient and passive buildings. Bruk-Bet Solar
Brand is a leading Polish manufacturer offering high-quality photovoltaic
and BIPV units and the creator of the largest photovoltaic farm in Poland.
The list of brands included in Bruk-Bet is complemented by Georyt - a
producer of aggregates for the construction industry, mined in our own
four mines, and Intrac - offering prefabricated products for sewerage, road
and railway infrastructure. Modern mining and processing lines as well as
qualified staff ensure prompt and timely execution of orders of our trading
partners for the biggest investment projects.
Bruk-Bet is also a producer of high-quality concrete manholes and sealed
sewerage systems, which have been used for many years in numerous
investments related to infrastructure and road construction.
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