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Bruk- Bet Solar is among top Polish producers offering high-quality photovoltaic and BIPV units. Bruk-Bet Solar products
have a 25-year warranty. We deliver photovoltaic units both for big industrial installations as well as small households.
Such units will help us to ensure unrestricted access to renewable energy sources and become independent from
expensive external suppliers.
Georyt is engaged in the production of aggregates implemented on the basis of our own raw material base, which
guarantees stability and continuity of deliveries of goods to our customers. With its modern plants where aggregates
are refined, Georyt offers a full range of materials for building and road construction. The company has modern
equipment with large production capacity, which allows for secure and efficient implementation of orders.
Intrac was established specially for large infrastructural investments, hence the wide range of products dedicated to
the road and railway sector. Intrac offer includes standard pavement
slabs, straight and curved curbs, concrete drain troughs and hollow slabs for the reinforcement of embankments and
water reservoir slopes. Elements of sealed manholes are an important group of products. We offer a wide range of
manholes with troughs shaped to customer’s needs, intermediate rings, covering slabs, integrated load distribution
rings and covers.
In 2010, Bruk-Bet expanded its offer by a complete system for house construction using Termalica autoclaved
cellular concrete (ACC) blocks. Termalica is a comprehensive system of perfectly matched elements allowing for the
construction of an energy-efficient house from the foundations up to the ceiling. It consists of blocks for building
walls, window and door lintels, ceiling elements as well as concrete shuttering blocks. ACC blocks are available in
different density classes so that walls can be built in both one-layer and multi-layer technologies.
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