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In 2010, Bruk-Bet expanded its offer by a complete system for house construction using
autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) blocks. Termalica is a comprehensive system of
perfectly matched elements allowing for the construction of an energy-efficient house from the
foundations up to the ceiling. It consists of blocks for building walls, window and door lintels,
ceiling elements as well as concrete shuttering blocks. ACC blocks are available in different
density classes so that walls can be built in both one-layer and multi-layer technologies.
Termalica system elements are made from high-quality ACC - material with the best thermal
insulation properties available on the market. Blocks that constitute the main elements for
erecting walls are tongue-and-groove profiled so that they require no mortar in vertical joints.
Termalica blocks meet the requirements of TLMB - the most stringent dimensional tolerance
class. It means that they adhere one to another almost ideally, which allows for constructing
walls more uniform in terms of the material used, resulting in a warmer house.
Excellent thermal insulation parameters of ACC walls will allow you to build light single-layer
walls 300, 350 and 400 kg/m
. A house built with Termalica blocks 350 or 400 requires no
additional insulation such as polystyrene foam or mineral wool. The warmest elements of the
system designed for wall erection are Termalica blocks 350 with a thickness of 48 cm. They are
characterized by an excellent heat transfer coefficient U=0.173 W/(m
K). Also, in the case of
building the house in a double-layer technology, walls made of Termalica blocks provide a heat
transfer coefficient lower by approx. 20-30% in relation to other masonry materials.
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