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As an innovative company, we do our best to respond to the needs of the contemporary
construction market. Our customers’ satisfaction is our greatest value, therefore, we strive
to offer complex modern solutions to ensure better safety, quality and comfort. From the
very beginning, Georyt acts towards sustainable development, which is a vital element of
our business strategy. Our activities are based on three pillars of sustainable development:
economic, ecological and related to social responsibility.
GEORYT dolomite mine is located in the south-eastern Poland where high-quality aggregate
is mined using an opencast method with explosives. This allows us to deliver large amounts
of particulate material to the processing plant. The mine is equipped with modern devices,
which allows for full automation of the production process. In 2011, we opened one of the
most technologically advanced production plants in Poland where grit is produced also in a
“wet” process. The mine is equipped with modern devices: high-quality crushers, screens and
loaders, resulting in the high quality of our aggregates as well as very high efficiency of the
GEORYT gravel pits are located near Tarnów. The company excavates the material from “wet”
deposits, i.e. under water surface. The production of gravel and sand is carried out in three
gravel pits: in Sieciechowice, Niedomice and Klikowa. Zakład Produkcji Grysów i Mieszanek
(grit and mixtures manufacturing facility) was launched in 2011 in Łagów II mine. This facility
has a fully automated production line. Modern machinery ensures the highest quality and
stable parameters of the produced material.
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