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The development of civilization is associated with the continuing increase in the amount
of waste and sewage, which creates a huge threat for the natural environment. Particularly
important is the protection of water courses and reservoirs from pollution and the construction
of wastewater networks and purification devices. These issues have been neglected in Poland
for many years, which resulted in an irreversible damage to the environment, thus affecting
the image of Poland as a country where environmental standards are disrespected. The
Polish accession to the European Union obliged us to treat water protection as a priority in
the environmental policy. It is connected with the observance of the adopted regulations and
implementation of environmental investments. In accordance with the adjustment legislation
adopted in the last years, wastewater means any water used in domestic and economic activities
as well as rainwater and meltwater that enters the soil or water sources, caught by sewerage
systems from contaminated areas, including urban areas, industrial and storage areas, transport
bases, roads and car parks with permanent pavements. Collective sewerage systems should take
into account the requirements for wastewater treatment.
The design, construction and maintenance of collective sewerage systems should be
implemented according to the best technical knowledge without generating subsequent costs
related to the wrong selection of materials used, leakages, obstructions, overflowing storm
water, etc. Industrial wastewater entering collective sewerage systems and discharged into
municipal wastewater treatment plants should first undergo pre-treatment.
Bruk-Bet got involved in this common task by offering the highest-quality concrete sewerage
manholes suitable for every sewerage system designed and implemented in Poland.
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