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1. The full range of engineering applications:
- in all types of rainwater, sanitary and general industrial sewerage systems,
- in trafficked road lanes,
- in pedestrian areas and outside buildings – in wetlands,
- in areas damaged by mining,
- for land drainage,
- to be used as straight-through, branched, inlet, inspection, cascading, no-outlet and other
drainage chambers.
Both in collective sewerage systems as well as outside them, concrete chambers or their elements
may be used for individual technological and construction solutions, e.g. for separators, pumping
stations, catch basins or grit chambers in treatment facilities, spring water wells, water tanks, septic
tanks, measurement devices and valves in water distribution, district heating and gas networks, etc.
2. Implementation of custom orders:
- production for other design solutions,
- customized shaping of the benching and manhole base units,
- customized setting of angles, tight passages and sewer pipes,
- customized setting of inlet and outlet elevations (for PVC manholes, it is usually predetermined).
3. Tightness:
- various types of effective inter-ring and side seals resistant to the subsidence of manholes and
pipelines as well as land pressure,
- high resistance of the concrete against water.
4. Transfer of high mechanical loads:
- high statics,
- high impact strength, also at low temperatures when PVC manholes may be subject to damage,
- no damage due to vehicular traffic and any traffic loads.
5. Installation:
- the use of construction equipment commercially available and used in the industry, such as
excavators, pick-up truck lifts and cranes,
- no concrete collars are required,
- may be surrounded by native soil as opposed to PVC manholes.
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