Katalog ENG - page 314

Garden grits and pebbles are popular in the decoration of
flowerbeds and garden alleys. A wide range of colors of
decorative aggregates allows you to perfectly complement
the pavement of driveways and terraces, making the house
surroundings look even more beautiful and creating an
ideal background for prestigious arrangements. The use of
stones for decorating alleys, ponds and swimming pools
opens many possibilities in designing the garden landsca-
pe. A great advantage of grits and gravels compared to tra-
ditional tree bark is the fact that when used in the garden
or flowerbed, they create a lasting solution for many years.
Additionally, they do not require constant care or refre-
shing- it is enough to rinse the stones with water once in a
while. Precious aggregates perfectly highlight and expose
the individual colors of the garden flora.
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