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Support 8 mm
Fixed height of 8 mm
Support 35 mm
Fixed height of 35 mm
Support 40-67 mm
Adjustable height of 40-67 mm
Support 60-90 mm
Adjustable height of 60-90 mm
Support 90-150 mm
Adjustable height of 90-150 mm
Support 150-260 mm
Adjustable height of 150-260 mm
Compensatory pad
Amortization and leveling pad
Terrace slab spacers [3 mm joint]
In case of the terrace or balcony made of reinforced concrete, terrace slabs may be laid using spacer
supports. Bruk-Bet system slab supports are available in versions with adjustable height, which facilitates
accurate leveling of the slabs, or with fixed height. They are complemented by flexible compensatory
pads, which increase stability and make the pavement more silent.
The spacers on the supports ensure equal width of joints between individual slabs. At the end slabs,
the spacers should be cut off appropriately so that the supports could be completely inserted under
the slabs. The slabs should be laid in stripes while controlling the stability of the supports and the level
of the pavement. If necessary, the height of each support should be adjusted or compensatory pads
inserted. The joints between slabs should be left unfilled. Such a construction of the patio will allow you
to replace individual slabs damaged or stained in the course of time.
Spacers ensure equal width of joints.
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