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Choose wisely:
The ever faster pace of living and the countless number
of tasks awaiting us each day result in the fact that
we have less and less time for ourselves. This is why
we like to surround ourselves with objects and devices
that make our life easier apart from not causing us new
problems. Taking care of our convenience and comfort,
we are willing to pay more. This is good.
Spending relatively little more money, we gain not only
the quality of products, but also the quality of life. This
simple principle is perfect when arranging the vicinity
of the house and the garden zone. It is worth investing
in materials of a higher quality and enjoying an esthetic
and exceptionally functional pavement that is inexpen-
sive to care for.
When planning the budget for the land management
design around the house, we are often not aware of
the division of costs that we will have to sustain. We
are trying to choose the cheapest material, believing
that this will save us from large expenses. This is a
wrong approach. The value of the pavement material
is only approx. 30% of the total cost of the invest-
ment, the rest of is the cost of installation works that
is always the same, regardless of the type of paving
blocks or slabs.
Let us see an example of a driveway with the area of
70 m
and two types of materials: paving blocks in the
standard version and the Novator
refined slab from
the Prestige collection.
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