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Investment with
paving slab:
Investment with standard
paving stone:
The presented example clearly shows that when you
invest only 20% more, you become the owner of a
pavement with incomparably better parameters and
higher esthetic value.
However, if the 20% is too much, it is better to think
about reducing the size of the pavement than about
choosing standard material – more does not always
means better.
All products from the Prestige line are created accor-
ding to the latest trends in designing space and with
care for each detail, guaranteeing a comfortable use
and exceptional quality for a long period of time.
The front layer of particular elements is protected
with the use of an innovative Perlon
system that
almost completely eliminates the formation of dirt,
also coming from food which often results in disco-
loration which is difficult to remove.
This system permanently extracts and intensifies
colors and makes the pavement extremely resistant
to harmful weather factors, requiring at the same
time an incomparably less effective impregnation.
It is worth investing in pavement materials of high
quality - part of the expenses will be returned im-
mediately in the form of a beautiful and spectacular
arrangement, while the rest will come back to you
throughout the years, providing a problem-free use
of the pavement and more time for your loved ones
Labor cost
7 000 PLN
Labor cost
7 000 PLN
Material cost
Material cost
4 900 PLN
2 800 PLN
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