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For the benefit of our customers, we developed an innovative and unique offer that perfectly fits into the latest trends in spatial designing. Sensibly selected colors, large
formats of timeless squares and rectangles and a variety of surface finishes as well as precise workmanship and extraordinary quality make designing the pavement around
the house easier and more enjoyable than ever. Our latest proposals are dominated by gray shades, just like it has been in the gardens for several seasons. Associated with
ordinary urban paving slabs until recently, gray is today the favorite color of interior designers and landscape architects. A multitude of shades, starting from saturated
graphite, through steel and silver shades and ending up with off-white and mélanges, allows for creating compositions characterized by timeless elegance. The fashionable
gray color in the garden is accompanied by large geometric formats, which is a response to the growing popularity of modern architecture and the resulting need for imitating
the structure of buildings in the surrounding system. The list of the most desired products is supplemented by items inspired by nature, which will create perfect harmony
with the surrounding natural world. Regardless of the style and color scheme chosen for our gardens, we should remember that this is an undertaking for many years to come.
Apart from current trends, we should take into account designs not only reflecting the fashion but also our personal taste, preferences and lifestyle. Therefore, when choosing
surface materials, we should pay special attention to functionality. Subtle decorative material that will look beautiful in garden alleys will not be suitable for driveways where
a thick and load-resistant surface is required. In turn, the surface of our patio constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions and hardships of intense everyday use should
be durable and easy to clean. New Bruk-Bet products meet all these requirements, enabling you to create effective, functional and amicable places for fun and relaxation.
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