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The formats, colours and various available surface of a new
Novator paving slabs are our response to the growing popularity
of the modernist style in architecture. Modern residential and
public utility buildings are characterized by simple and compact,
even cubic shapes. To fit your realizations in such surroundings
you should map the structure of a simple, straight lines on the
surface of the driveways or around the square. It is easy to obtain
such effect by using large geometric paving slabs of timeless
rectangle and squares shape with dimensions 20 x 20 cm up
to the largest format 60 x 120 cm. Its smooth, homogenous
surface and a fashionable one size formats with visible regular
grids additionally emphasize the minimalistic character of the
composition. Specially dedicated for the urban construction,
slabs, 8 or 12 cm thick allows the heavy
wheeled vehicle traffic, providing almost unlimited possibilities
of arrangements in the private and urban area.
The wide selection of formats and colours was developed with
the aim of designing a modern private properties and urban
spaces, enabling realization of individual projects. A wide range
of colour patterns from slightly glossy Metalic-Color pavements,
sophisticated noble washed Multigran
, rough Rustical
Lux to
new uniform Mono-Color Max and Satino offers the possibility
to adjust the pavement to the entire architectonic vision.
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