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As a connection of the house with the garden, the terrace should fit
both the surroundings as well as the decor of the building. Now, with
our new extraordinary Porcelito
and Residence
terrace slabs, designing
backyard relaxation areas is easy and enjoyable. The latest production
technology and the highest-quality materials allowed us to create a
unique product. Its extraordinary performance is possible due to the use
of a hermetic press in the manufacturing process, allowing us to create
dual-layer slabs with unprecedented durability. The tight top surface
resembles ceramic tiles, and attention to every detail of the finish of each
element increases the aesthetic value. The high ornamental potential
and aesthetic appearance of Porcelito
and Residence
terrace slabs
is guaranteed by our wide range of formats and surface finishes. To
meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and following
current trends in designing, we focused on modular formats in the form
of timeless squares and rectangles. We are well aware that the properly
chosen slab size can organize your space and make you feel comfortable
in it. Our slabs with PERLON
coating stand out against the current
market offer. Residence
terrace slabs with suitable surface treatments
can help you create customized aesthetic patterns.
We are certain that our new collection of Porcelito
and Residence
terrace slabs will allow you to create extraordinary compositions and
design solutions characterized by unpretentious chic and casual elegance.
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