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The manufacture of concrete products is something more than just our work. It is the passion that
has led us to seeking unique and innovative solutions for our customers for over 30 years. We were
the first producer of vibropressed paving stone in the south-eastern Poland, the production of which
started in 1992. Over the years, we gradually introduced unique products to the Polish market, such
as Stare Miasto
stylized paving stone, Antic
antiqued paving stone as well as Realit
and Uni Split
products, which not only changed the image of the Polish public space and private gardens, but also
contributed to the development of the entire industry. Many models of our paving stones are regi-
stered trademarks, such as Behaton
, Nostalit
or Promenada
Our PRESTIGE products are widely recognized both among private as well as institutional investors.
Our new series such as Terazzo, Terazzo-Rustical and Color-Mix Metalic, 120 paving patterns, the
possibility of individual orders for surface finishing, wide range of new PRESTIGE and TOP PRESTIGE
products, our own planning and design studios as well as our cooperation with architects from the
Association of Polish Architects constitute an undeniable proof that we pay considerable attention to
the appearance, individuality and comprehensiveness of our designed arrangements. We specialize
in providing complex services for the most demanding customers by offering individual, buttoned-up
solutions for house and garden areas. We are a family company proud of the fact that we have only
Polish capital and the entire production takes place in Poland.
Excellent knowledge of the latest trends in landscape designing, combined with specialized machine-
ry, raw materials of incontestable quality and first-class specialists resulted in the creation of a new,
unique product collection. Particularly noteworthy are our decorative and facade wall panels, large
format paving slabs, our series of walls designed for garden infrastructure, and above all, our latest
and Residence
terrace slabs with unprecedented durability and aesthetics.
The success of Bruk-Bet is the result of many factors and a product of the work of a large group of
specialists. It would be impossible without our business partners who have been supporting our de-
velopment for many years, helping us to achieve the position of one of the leaders on the domestic
market. Our distribution network is constructed in such a way that each individual customer can be
easily advised by qualified consultants. This is why, apart from brand sales offices in Poland, we take
pride in long-term cooperation with regional
distributors represented by a large group of traders and retailers. We continuously care about their
development and raising the level of knowledge and competence by offering regular cycles of spe-
cialized product trainings. Together with them, we conduct trainings for contractors whom we later
recommend to the recipients of our products. With such actions, we are able to guarantee our cu-
stomers a professional approach and ensure the provision of additional services at the highest level.
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