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The beginning of craft activity under the name
Zakłady Wyrobów Betonowych Krzysztof
Witkowski - manual production of concrete
paving slabs, curbs, blocks, pavements, rings and
Launching a vibropressed paving stone production plant
in Tarnów - using production lines Schlosser, Omag 1,
Omag 2 and Omag 3.
The breakthrough year in which the name
BRUK-BET was adopted - starting the
production of 4 types of paving stone using
an Italian semi-automatic machine V-6 Super.
In 2003, production starts in a new facility in
Cracow, whereas the manufacture of innovative
Realit and Relief products in Wet Cast technology
begins in Nieciecza.
30 years
of tradition
Our history goes back to 1984,
from the manual production of
concrete products on a small scale.
30 years of continuous investment
and high-quality raw materials,
helped us to create a company
with undeniable reputation, with
the highest trust of our customers.
For this last we care the most – to
benefit our customers we follow
the path of innovation in order to
create better living conditions to all
of us, in private and public area.
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